Students from the VFX education created a music video for Future Sound of London.

When the students at the VFX education in Skellefteå earlier this year was going to complete one last project before the Christmas holidays, they got the opportunity to make a music video for the British electronic group Future sound of London.

Future Sounds of London started as early as 1988 and was one of the pioneers in electronic music. They were also one of the first to broadcast a concert live via internet in 1994! Their music videos have always been inspired by 3D graphics, so when looking for interesting projects, they appeared in Cristoffer’s playlist one day:

 – Future Sounds of London has always been early adopters when it comes to  new technology and always wanted to be at the forefront. I got in touch with them through an electronic music festival that I worked with a few years ago.  Now that they just came out with a new remix (Cascade 2020), I thought that they also might want a new video for the remix, says Cristoffer Wiker, Visual Magic.

Said and done, Christoffer contacted them, and they were immediately on board! The video was made as a homage to the original with the opportunity to be creative and add new material, but the basis was that viewers should recognize themselves in the new. They were assisted by Linus Jonsson, an experienced music video director from North Kingdom.

With a mix of real time effects done in Unreal Engine and traditional visual effect tools like Maya, Nuke, Houdine and Blender they managed to put this together in just six days and it was launched in February. They received very positive feedback and Future sounds of London liked it so much that it is now the official music video for Cascade 2020!

A lot of the music in games is inspired by this type of music, and we hope to see a whole variety of interesting collaborations!

Now a new semester for the VFX students just started, and a new class is also on site at Campus Skellefteå. 

– A lot of the music in games is inspired by this type of music, and we hope to see a whole variety of interesting collaborations! When the music video was produced, the students have only completed one semester of the education, just think what they will accomplish this year! Cristoffer continues.

So, what does the future hold then? Well, several other electronic music acts have reached out for collaborations. Some of the students are also working on new projects and there are plans for future collaborations, but that is still confidential…


Watch the music video here  

Read more about Future Sounds of London here


Director:   Linus Johansson
Producers:   Stoffe Wiker, Simon Tingell, Stefan Eriksson
Artists:   Alina Levytska, Sofia Ericsson, Jonna Lehtonen, Johnnie Axelsson, Richard Stenlund, Tobias Jansson, Deniz Özümagi, Petra Blomqvist, Matilda Isaksson, Clover Lloyd, Colin Greenall, Josefin Holm, Grim Svensson, Lukas Ågren, Julia Jensegård, Dennis Berglind, Sara Böndergaard, Bill Magnusson, My Rutdal, Isak Hedlund, Sara Willershausen, Erik Hundal, Joakim Matsson, Alexander Jonsson, Joel Lundberg, Simon Tingell, Stefan Eriksson


Photo: Patrick Degerman

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