New game educations to Arctic Game region!

Recently, the result from Myndigheten för yrkesutbildningar (MYH)came regarding which educations that have been granted, and for the gaming cluster Arctic Game, it was a jackpot again! 
In Sweden, only three new game educations were granted – and two ended up in Skellefteå. The new educations are Immersive Experience Creator – where you learn to create content for VR / AR / MR and Data Analysts – digital games, experiences, products and services.
In addition, the authority increased the number of study places for QA/Game tester (Futuregames) in Boden and VFX artist (Visual Magic) in Skellefteå.

– The supply of talents is one of the most important questions for the games industry to continue to grow. Like so many other industries, talent attraction is crucial for continued development. The skills available in the gaming industry are also an important complement to other industries and broaden the labor market, says Daniel Wilén, cluster manager at Arctic Game.

The region therefore strengthens its position in game development and with this the opportunity to supply talent to existing industries and attract new companies to establish here.

The Arctic Game region is now, together with Skövde, by far the largest in Sweden in terms of number of students in game educations.  

An industry in strong growth

The latest numbers  from Dataspelsbranschen show that the gaming industry has had a strong growth in recent years, and 2021 was something of a record year with new sales and profit records.

Globally, games is an industry sector that is larger than both film and music combined, where Swedish game companies are considered among the best in the world. The Swedish games industry has grown by an average of 30% annually for more than ten years and currently has more than seven thousand employees and a turnover of over 35 billion SEK (source: Dataspelsbranschen: Spelutvecklarindex 2021).

Within the Arctic Game region, 10% of the country’s gaming companies are in this region (67 inc.), and 250 employees (according to the Game Developer Index 2021).

New game-related game educations in Skellefteå:
  • Computer graphics for games and film, bachelor (180 credits, 3 years, Luleå University of Technology / Skellefteå).
  • Data analysts – digital games, experiences, products and services (300 yhp, 1.5 years, Skellefteå YH)
  • Immersive Experience Creator (300 yhp, 1.5 years, Futuregames, Skellefteå)
More students in existing educations
  • QA / Game Tester (300 yhp, 1.5 years, Futuregames, Boden).  From 30 to 35 per year.
  • VFX artist (500 yhp, 2.5 years, Skellefteå YH / Visual Magic).  From 20 to 30 per year.

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