Opportunities for business cooperation between Poland and Sweden

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Stockholm & Foreign Trade Office in Stockholm, Polish Investment and Trade Agency invites you to a webinar about Opportunities for business cooperation between Poland and Sweden in the games industry. 

The aim of the event will be to share and discuss initiatives around a more equal industry, as well as to present the challenges, barriers and expectations of game developers in Poland and Sweden. Investments are a key challenge for the development of game industry. It is crucial that business and research cooperate in order to achieve more on the market. During the webinar, the following issues will be brought up:

  1. Where are the greatest challenges and threats, including barriers in game development? How can we foster infrastructure sharing and data sharing?
  2. How do you see the future of videogame sector in the EU (with or without any EU regulations)?
  3. How can we contribute to reach a more equal industry? Importance of putting together male and female game industry role models.
  4. How can game developers in Poland and Sweden intensify cooperation?


Date & Time: October 4th, 2022, at 14.00-15.30 (GMT+2)

Place: Webinar will be held via ZOOM. It is possible to attend via web browser.

Registration: Please register by sending an e-mail at: stockholm.emb.rsvp@msz.gov.pl

After registration you will receive to the provided e-mail address a link to the webinar platform on ZOOM.

Language: English

Host: Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Kingdom ofSweden & Foreign Trade Office in Stockholm, Polish Investment and Trade Agency

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Johanna Nylander, Head of Policy & Analytics at the Swedish Games Industry Association, working for the industry with policy and public affairs to create a better environment and international growth for Swedish game developers, and to educate local policy makers on games and the needs of the industry. Background in the mobile games industry and as op-ed columnist in local media.

Piotr KubińskiPhD, is an experienced r&d expert and video game producer. He runs Goat Gamez, a gamedev studio based in Warsaw, and teaches digital humanities at the University of Warsaw. Author of the 2016 book Video Games Poetics (in Polish).

Linda Kiby Zetterman has developed games since 2006 when she started at Avalanche Studios as a Level Designer. She participated in Paradox’s amazing journey from 20 to 200 people and the very successful public listing that the company conducted. At Paradox she was involved in developing a variety of very popular titles as Executive Producer. She was a part of the Paradox Development Studio’s management group. Now she runs her own indie studio that released the PC game Hammerting last year.

Paulina Pyzioł  supporting the game industry since 2016, when she joined the Digital Dragons ecosystem. She co-organised the biggest B2B conference in CEE, was one of the project leaders of EU programme Interreg – Baltic Game Industry, kicked-off an incubation programme for indie studios looking for business-related guidance and is now a coordinator of Digital Dragons Accelerator – the newest support tool dedicated to independent developers from abroad who wish to establish a business in Poland and work with either a publisher or investor.

Edward Mężyk, Founder, CEO at Oxygen SA, A game enthusiast, he has always been involved in the game market as a player, analyst, and originator.  Passionate about technology both by education and interest. Ex-doctoral student in the field of artificial intelligence, an expert in digital technologies, especially in gaming, data warehousing and analysis, and Big Data in a broad sense. Active entrepreneur for more than a decade, on a daily basis, he focuses on leading the gaming company. As CEO of Oxygen SA and President of Oxygen daughters companies entirely responsible for the management of the Oxygen SA Group.

Mikołaj Golubiewski, PhD , Founder & COO Deep Dive. Entrepreneur, Manager, and Communication Specialist, he established Deep Dive with a team of three other storytelling freaks with several external coworkers who joined forces to deliver the narrative experience they miss in video games. He also runs the company Active Communication & Translation.

Daniel Wilén is spearheading Arctic Game – Sweden’s fastest growing games cluster. With a background as Brand Strategist and Organizational Consultant, Daniel has always had a focus on corporate culture and cooperation and has fostered a transparent and collaborative mindset when bringing north of Sweden together in a mutual effort to build a new industry.

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