Blamorama Games launches a new game for youths – to increase environmental awareness

Ingrid Fridesjö, CEO of Blamorama Games, launches, with co-owner Maya Umar, the mobile game Bumi: Next stop, Earth! The intention is to get young people to solve environmental problems and be inspired by new innovations while having fun.

“We hope for global success,” says the CEO.

–We loved the idea of ​​creating a game that can be entertaining and allows players to pick up a thing or two to improve themselves. The main focus, in addition to having fun, of course, is that you should learn something from the game and become environmentally conscious. -Everyone in the team is passionate about environmental issues and therefore the theme came naturally, says Ingrid Fridesjö.

Story-based game with Pokémon feeling

Ingrid Fridesjö and Maya Umar both love games and together with their colleagues they have created the story and characters for Bumi. In terms of programming, they have team members stationed in Indonesia.

–The game contains several mini-games with different environmental themes and includes comic strips that show the consequences of our actions towards the environment, and how to go about reducing a negative environmental impact, says the CEO and founder of Blamorama Games.

Bumi: Next stop, Earth! is aimed at youths aged 12 and up.

–With its unlockable characters, the game gives off a slight Pokémon feeling. It is a so-called “nurturing game” and is designed so that you want to play it several times a day.

Growing international company

Bumi is Blamorama Games’ flagship, but there are plans to continue developing more games.

–First and foremost, we hope for global success with this game and its transmedia IP. Then we want to create a larger in-house team here in Luleå, and open up a local office in Kuala Lumpur. We were actually looking around the premises when we last visited the city this summer.

Launching in Indonesia and Malaysia

In November 2019, before the pandemic hit, they showed off a prototype of the game at Level Up in Kuala Lumpur, which is the largest gaming fair in Southeast Asia. The launch will initially take place there, in Indonesia and Malaysia. A soft launch is planned for the second quarter of 2023.

The launch will initially take place in Indonesia and Malaysia"


–They have a huge market for mobile games and a growing interest in the environment. In addition, we have good contacts through Maya who comes from Malaysia.
The idea is also to bring the game to market in large parts of Southeast Asia, and then globally.

The game is of course also planned to be launched in Sweden, but no date is set yet.
–It is obviously fun to launch the game in our home country as well, even though we do not think the market will be the biggest here as Sweden is ahead when it comes to environmental issues.

Award-winning game idea

The gaming company has received a lot of support from the organization Arctic Game. In October of last year, they went to Singapore where they had the opportunity to meet potential investors. Via Arctic Game, they have received support with business development and created valuable contacts in the gaming industry.

–The support we received from them has really meant a lot to us.

Late last year, Blamorama Games won an award for their game idea in the Global Top Rounds workshop. Through the win, they were able to pitch their game idea to international investors and publishers during Arctic Game Week in May this year.

–It feels really fun and exciting.

Global Top Round is a global accelerator for start-up gaming companies whose mission is to support small studios from around the world with development, publishing, and financing.

–Right now we are looking for game publishers and investors, the CEO concludes.


About Blamorama Games

The company started in May 2020. Their first game is called Bumi: Next stop, Earth! and will be launched in the second quarter of 2023.

Blamorama Games is a subsidiary of Blamorama Productions. The parent company employs a team consisting of creators from eleven different countries with, among other things, video production, animation, web design, gamification, and translation.

Blamorama Games

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