Games create attractiveness for the region

The accelerator program for games, Global Top Round (GTR), is holding its annual conference “GTR 2022-Conference” in Luleå on November 9-10. On Tuesday, Luleå Business Region and Arctic Game gathered around fifty interested people for an event about “The possibilities in the game industry”.

– It is no coincidence that we are organizing this week. On the one hand, Norrbotten Media Week is taking place, which is an important platform to be seen on, and on the other hand, the Swedish game industry association just come out with fresh figures for 2022. The fact that we managed to get Global Top Round’s annual conference to Luleå this week feels incredibly good! Says Cherié Karlsson, event organizer at Luleå Business Region and Arctic Game.

The game industry in Sweden is growing, and fastest in northern Sweden. During the event, the guests were able to listen to representatives from both the game industry, Luleå Municipality and Luleå Business Region, and they got a picture of what is happening in Norrbotten and Västerbotten. The regions faces major challenges in attracting the skills required for the green transition, and when the basic industry needs to grow, more industries are needed to increase the area’s attractiveness. The creative sector, and the game industry, can play an important role.

The event ended with a panel discussion where they discussed what is needed for Luleå to become a game city. The panel, consisting of today’s speakers, concluded that priority ONE is creating meeting places, you need both partnership and collaboration with other countries and the courage to dare to take the step and invest!

- A strength for Luleå is being part of Arctic Game and thereby collaborating with other municipalities in the region. In previous game projects, activities were developed that could not be carried out due to the pandemic, so now we have them with us for the upcoming projects!

Cherié Karlsson, Arctic Game/Luleå Business Region


The GTR conference 2022 is a collaboration with Global Top Round, Arctic Game and Luleå Business Region, and brings together game studios, publishers, investors and influencers from the entire game industry to network for a few days. Last year’s GTR conference was held in Singapore and then Gamescom Asia hosted the event. The conference was a success with 22 game studios and 415 attendees, including several senior executives, industry-leading publishers, and investors and business advisors.

In the picture: Johan Sjökvist, establishment manager, Luleå Business Region,  Lars Lindblom, CEO Mind Detonator, Mattias Wiking, CEO Turborilla, Ingrid Fridesjö, CEO and founder Blamorama Games, Fredrik Hansson, Kommunalråd Luleå municipality, Cherié Karlsson, project manager Luleå Business Region, Pontus Mähler, Vice President Global Top Round, Daniel Wilén, cluster manager Arctic Game, Sara-Mari Eriksson, Dataspelsbranschen and Future Games, Mattias Bergqvist, business developer at Boden Business Park, Maya Umar, Blamorama games. Missing in the picture: Rickard Lundmark, CEO Luleå Business Region.

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