Johanna-Lovisa Vannebäck 

From: Skellefteå
Alumni: Futuregames Project Manager IT & games


What title or role do you currently hold? 

Project Manager 

Can you tell us about your background and how you got into the games industry? 

I worked for 8.5 years in the restaurant industry, where the majority of the time was in a leadership role and several years as a restaurant manager. I studied at Futuregames, a 1.5-year education program in Project Manager IT & Games. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in gaming? 

I have always loved games and spend a significant portion of my free time playing them. When I left the restaurant industry and began looking for the next step, the thought naturally turned to games. I knew I wouldn't be good at programming, designing, or creating graphics. But I knew I was good at one thing – leading people. I then found the education program that combined both of these things, leading people and working with games. During the course of my education, I have also been inspired by all the women working in the gaming industry. We are clearly underrepresented, but it has given me more determination. I want to be part of this industry to show that we exist and thereby pave the way for other women who may not dare yet. 

Can you share a project or accomplishment that you're particularly proud of in your career? 

One achievement that I am particularly proud of is my performance at Turborilla. I started as an intern, and when the four months were over, I got a job as a Producer. The fact that a company had so much trust in me and felt that I had done such a good job that they couldn't do without me is an achievement I will be proud of for a long time. 

In your opinion, what are some of the key skills needed to excel in the games industry? 

I would say – drive! Show interest, ask questions, and dare to show what you're capable of. Take the place you deserve, even if you're "just" an intern. The most important things you learn from others over time, and every person I've encountered in the games industry is more than willing to share their experiences and tips. 

What advice would you give to a person who is thinking of applying for a game education? 

The advice I would give is – do it! I never thought there were so many like-minded people like me. When all these people come together under the same roof for education in various game-related skills, magic happens. Take the education seriously, make connections, and broaden your horizons. Studying a game education program is the best decision I've made, spending time learning theoretical knowledge that I then got to put into practice by doing what I love most – games. 

My final but most important tip is: EVERYONE has imposter syndrome when doing something new, no matter how long you've been studying or how much experience you have from before. 

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