Game Attraction North


The current national focus is on industrial establishments in Northern Sweden, which requires a massive influx of people to the region. To succeed, a diversified and broad job market is needed, and a strong and competitive games industry undergoing growth will contribute to this. The games industry is a growth engine within the cultural and creative sectors, and increasing the number of jobs in the industry will lead to a more diversified job market in the region.

Goals and Future Effects

The project's goal is, through methods and tools that build long-term value and competence, to create a competitive and growing games industry with more innovative companies, more international agreements, more employees, and a strong community of actors working towards common goals across a large geography.

The overall goal is to create a sustainable, growing, and cohesive games industry with more jobs and new establishments in Norr- and Västerbotten. A strong cultural and creative sector contributes to the region's attractiveness, increased gender equality and inclusion, green transition, and a diversified job market.

Project Activities

The project collaborates with a variety of regional partners, such as incubators, universities, vocational colleges, science parks, as well as other national and international game clusters, aiming to maximize the benefits of existing systems and current knowledge in our networks. The activities aim, among other things, to attract more individuals and companies to establish themselves in the region, facilitate new and existing companies in attracting capital and strategic partnerships, improve companies' product development and innovation processes, and strengthen underrepresented groups and increase diversity within the industry regionally. Activities include, for example, organizing events, participating in other events, coaching and support for business development, as well as continuous work to refine methods and processes to facilitate startups and scale-ups in establishing themselves and achieving growth with long-term profitability.

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