John H. Sandman

From: Piteå
Program: Indie Game Developer at Future Games in Boden

Why did you choose the program you are currently attending?

– In the Indie Game Dev program, I get to learn a lot of different things, everything from 2D art to 3D modeling as well as coding, sound creation and general game development. We also learn a bit about entrepreneurship and portfolio development to prepare for our degree and facilitate the job search.

What is the best and most challenging thing is about the program?

– The best thing about this program is all the different fields you study and learn, and the insights you get about the game industry. What can be challenging is getting into the technical aspects of game creation. The IGD program is like a "melting pot" of all different areas of knowledge that you use when creating games.

Why do you want to work in the game industry?

– For me, it is being able to create a great feeling and maybe help those who choose to use the games I created. I want to create games that gives you a fun experience, which I can now do thanks to this education.

Why should you apply for a game program in the northern Sweden?

– We have fantastic teachers, and we get great opportunities to meet companies or game studios to take part of their knowledge and add more contacts our contact network.

How important is it to meet game companies during the program?

– It can be A and O so to speak. I have been a test player during the development of an indie game, and it is very rewarding if you find a game studio you really like and would like to work with. Just send them an email or call them, who knows what that could lead to.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying to a game program?

– Come with an open mind, a willingness to learn and a smile on your face. It will be tough at times but if you don't give up, ask for help and adapt to what works best for you, you will be fine!

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