Mattias Rywe 

From: Dalarna
Program: Game Design at Future Games in Boden


What made you choose to study games in the north part of Sweden?

– I looked at several different game programs and got hooked on Future Games. I was very interested in game design and getting close to the nature up north, so this was one of my first choices. I love nature and the peace that comes with living in the north of Sweden.

Why did you choose the program you are currently attending?

– My interest in games started when I was young and I have always loved playing games. During high school when I studied technology with a focus on design, we had a teacher who increased my interest in game design and the creation of games. Since then, I have decided to follow that path and study game design.

What is the best and most challenging part of the program?

– The best thing is that it is a completely hands-on education, which is exactly what I like. We work directly with the creation of games and what is important to learn to succeed in the industry. It is quite challenging because there is a lot to learn, so it can be a lot at times. But nothing you can't handle if you like it, which I do.

Why do you want to work in the game industry?

– I am very interested in working with games and I enjoy working in groups as well, so the game industry feels like an obvious choice for me.

Why should you apply for a game program in the northern Sweden?

– Because it is a good school and lovely nature. It is a different kind of calm and an environment that is very comfortable and lovely.

How important is it to get in touch with game companies during the education?

– It is quite important to be in contact with the gaming companies because they give an insight into the industry. The information can be very useful in the future so that you are prepared for the industry when you enter the working life. It is also good because we get opportunities to build contacts with people in the game industry during our studies. I have written to several of the people who have held lectures to ask general questions. I've got some contacts in the industry who I can contact if I have any questions. I wouldn't have had that opportunity if the school hadn't had good contacts with game companies.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of applying to a game program?

– Be curious and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You get several opportunities to talk to people in the industry and don't be afraid to connect with them and see what happens.

Anything else you want to add?

– I really like it here in the north. I love nature and the environment. The school is exactly what I was looking for, and everything just feels right. I am extremely glad I made the choice to move up north and study.

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