A breakfast focused on future technology

In the Intersective Game project, an Arctic Game Breakfast was organized with the theme of motion capture. Participants from both industry and academia had the opportunity to listen to inspiring projects created using this technology and take a tour of one of the labs at Campus in Skellefteå, where motion capture is set up for use.

A breakfast focused on future technology

Motion capture is a technique used to record and digitize human movements. This is done by placing markers on a person's body and filming their movements with specialized cameras. Data from the markers is then used to create realistic animations in films, games, and medical research.

During the breakfast, two student projects were presented, showcasing the use of this technology to complete their work.

The Bobby project is a collaboration between Edelvik Folk High School in Burträsk (film scenography and props making) and Luleå University of Technology (game development and programming). Students at Edelvik Folk High School started the project with a design task where both environments and characters were modeled on a smaller scale. After contacting Luleå University of Technology and their game development and programming program, the environments and characters were scanned into 3D and animated using motion capture. This collaboration led to the creation of the Bobby project, which is planned to become a future game.

The project was presented by Tora Jacobsson, Anna Tofilovski, Albin Isaksson, and Eh Soe.

The Clay project was showcased by students from Luleå University of Technology's game development and programming program. In this project, both time and manpower were key factors in choosing to use motion capture. Over two months, the group produced material that would have taken twice as long to animate by hand.

The project was presented by Carl Holgersson, Karolina Hesoun, Josef Allberg, and Johannes Rausch.

– The purpose of the breakfast was not only to showcase an innovative lab environment in Skellefteå that has so far been relatively unknown, but also to increase understanding of the possibilities with motion capture technology, and how it can be applied in different industries. From advanced movement analysis with millimeter precision in sports and medicine, to the creation of realistic animations in film, music, and game development, explains Pernilla Lindmark, Business Developer and Project Manager at Arctic Game.

XR: pushing the boundaries of technology in industrial training

12 June 2024

As part of the BSG Go! project, Arctic Game, in collaboration with Northvolt, Autotech, Windswept Interactive and Arctic Center of Energy organized a visit to the Helsinki XR Center. The aim was to provide an opportunity to learn more about XR (Extended Reality), draw inspiration from XR solutions and test various XR-gear.

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