Arctic Game Global Game Jam – third largest event in Sweden

The Arctic Game Global Game Jam in Jörn became Sweden's third-largest game jam and attracted people interested in game development from all over the region, including Gothenburg, Uppsala, France, and Finland.

Arctic Game Global Game Jam – third largest event in Sweden

The cluster Arctic Game was able to collaborate with Jörn Experience Hotel, game education Visual Magic, and the Jörn-based game incubator Mind Detonator, providing free accommodation and meals for more than 100 talented game developers. The event was broadcast live online, enabling remote teams to participate from Vasa, Jakobstad, and Umeå, bringing the total to around 150 attendees. 

“This was truly a bucket list experience – a game jam like no other,” says Tim Leinert, organizer and Business Developer at Arctic Game. 

The event also had the fortune of having game jam veteran Justyna Fryzcak as the host and moderator. Justyna, a Game Designer at Windup Games in Umeå and a Women in Games ambassador, has previously organized several Game Jams. 

“Global Game Jam in Jörn was a fantastic experience! Every time during a game jam, I'm so impressed by how much can be created in as little time as a weekend. And this game jam did not disappoint! We had super talented participants and a total of 14 games! It’s the biggest game jam I was part of, and it’s exactly the type of event I dreamed of hosting!” says host and moderator Justyna Fryzcak. 

Also present during the Jam was Otto Wretling from the House of Games Podcast, recording an episode with the participants and their experiences. 

“Going to Jörn in the middle of nowhere for the Global Game Jam was such a unique and special experience. Gathering over a hundred amazing people from different countries and backgrounds, from aspiring game developers to professionals from all walks of life to make games and share our love for the industry, you really have to see it for yourself to believe it!” says Otto Wretling. 

The event was organized by Arctic Game and Visual Magic and supported by Skellefteå municipality, the Game Attraction North project with funding from the European Regional Fund, Region Västerbotten, and Region Norrbotten, the Borderless Game Academy project with funding from Interreg Aurora. The event was also sponsored by the Jörn companies Mind Detonator and Latitude 65. 

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