XR: pushing the boundaries of technology in industrial training

As part of the BSG Go! project, Arctic Game, in collaboration with Northvolt, Autotech, Windswept Interactive and Arctic Center of Energy organized a visit to the Helsinki XR Center. The aim was to provide an opportunity to learn more about XR (Extended Reality), draw inspiration from XR solutions and test various XR-gear.

XR: pushing the boundaries of technology in industrial training

The primary objective of the trip was to explore new collaboration opportunities where XR solutions could provide great value. 

Extended Reality (XR) combines virtual, augmented and mixed realities, creating experiences that blend digital and physical worlds. It includes VR for simulated environments, AR for overlaying digital content on the real world, and MR for integrating digital objects into reality, enabling transformative applications in various fields.

The Helsinki XR Center is an XR hub in Finland that connects startups, industries, innovators, students, professionals and investors for co-creation, new business and talent building.

One of several questions explored during the visit was how Northvolt could use XR to optimize the training of their process operators. How much could implementing an VR based solution shorten the time it takes to onboard a new colleague? 

– Northvolt is among the innovative companies pioneering more efficient, safer, and engaging methods for product delivery. To successfully implement XR solutions on a large scale, collaboration with companies in the games industry is essential, says Pernilla Lindmark, Business Development Manager at Skellefteå Science City.

Participants had the opportunity to test various XR-gear and VR training programs developed for airport operations and industrial air filter replacement, which served as inspiration for their own future projects. 

– Beside the inspirational and educational aspects of the trip, we concentrated on exploring the technical possibilities and opportunities where XR could significantly add value and meet Northvolt's needs, says Kristofer Stenskog, Creative Director at Windswept Interactive.

The trip to Helsinki opened new avenues for cooperation between the participating companies, and between Arctic Game and the Helsinki XR Center.

A retrospective on Europe’s leading games conference

11 June 2024

This year's edition of the Nordic Game conference in Malmö was the twentieth in order. Arctic Game participated at the conference with an exhibitor booth, and new for this year, a handful of specially selected game studios from the cluster were also invited to join the event.

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