FCV Sverige celebrates five years: Driving diversity in gaming

FCV Sverige is celebrating five years and faces a busy period with groundbreaking initiatives for inclusion and gender equality within the games industry. The studio is based in Boden and has years of experience in guidance, coaching, education, and labor market efforts with a special focus on cultural, creative, and digital industries.

FCV Sverige celebrates five years: Driving diversity in gaming

Next up, FCV Sverige will be at the Boden Game Changer conference on April 11–12, where visitors can learn more about their ongoing work. FCV demonstrates concrete results and commitment through programs, methods, and games that bring about real change.

Upcoming for FCV Sweden:

  • KING Scholarship, a collaboration with KING and the Swedish Games Industry starting on April 25 to promote talents in game development.

  • FCV's unique game camp concept has resulted in outstanding achievements, with an incredible 95 % of participants on average transitioning directly from unemployment or disengagement from education to either starting their studies or getting employment after the program, between 2021 and 2023!

  • FCV's first game release, Hot Skills - a strategic, entertaining, and social game that not only entertains but also provides job seekers with valuable advice and tools to overcome obstacles on the path to securing a real job.

This week, the company is also launching a new website where information about the above and other exciting projects will be published.

Website link:
LinkedIn: FCV Sverige

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