Strengthening regional and local game support across Europe

Arctic Game has through the BSG Go! project joined the European initiative, The League. This partnership marks a significant step in fortifying regional and local game development across Europe.

Strengthening regional and local game support across Europe

"As part of our BSG Go! project, we are forming a League of European game hubs and clusters to amplify our impact. This initiative will allow us to share knowledge, provide mentorship, and collaborate closely with other hubs such as Game Habitat, Gamecity Hamburg, Bologna Game Farm, and Gamehub Denmark. Together, we can achieve greater strength and support for the game dev community". Says Tim Leinert, Business Developer at Arctic Game.

The League brings together game hubs from across Europe to exchange ideas, resources, and expertise. It's a platform for mutual growth and collective problem-solving.

Building effective game development clusters is challenging. Daniel Wilén, Managing Director at Arctic Game, highlights the need for a comprehensive ecosystem of education, support, capital and community.

"Different hubs have succeeded in various aspects, such as innovative financing through EU programs like Creative Europe". Wilén emphasizes the value of learning from other members of The League. Sharing both successes and setbacks is crucial. "Exchanging experiences with others who have faced similar challenges is incredibly valuable, especially when you need fresh perspectives to move forward" Wilén explains.

"The League is a great way to share contacts with industry experts and potential partners for Arctic Game and our studios," says Wilén.

The League aims to host at least two major activities per year. Members engage in exciting cross-border projects and events, expanding their networks and gaining new perspectives. Committed to building a resilient community, The League supports game development across Europe. By pooling resources and expertise, members enhance their impact and help developers thrive.

Do you have questions about the new collaboration? Contact Tim Leinert, here

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