Explore the Haunting Depths of Cthulhu's Reach: Devil Reef

The Umeå-based studio The Fine Arc Nordic has now released its awaited title Cthulhu's Reach: Devil Reef with early access on Steam. The studio is known for their immersive, story-driven games with unique art styles and gameplay mechanics.

Explore the Haunting Depths of Cthulhu's Reach: Devil Reef

Cthulhu's Reach: Devil Reef is a roguelike game set in the Cthulhu universe in 1927. The player finds themselves in debt to a malevolent figure from Arkham's underworld and to repay the debt, the player journeys to Devil Reef off the coast of Innsmouth in search of rumored hidden treasures. However, the exploration takes a dark turn when the player realizes that the only path forward is to descend deeper into the depths of the reef. 

– After working on consulting assignments for other game projects since 2019, our indie studio has been simultaneously developing our own IPs. Cthulhu's Reach: Devil Reef has received positive feedback, prompting us to launch it as Early Access on Steam. We intend to gather feedback from the player base to further enhance the game. Says Daniel Olofsson CEO at The Fine Arc Nordic. 

The studio plans to utilize the Early Access period to gather feedback from the player community, allowing them to further enhance the game and deliver an even more polished experience upon its full release. 

Prepare to journey into the depths of Devil Reef like never before! 

Quick facts  
Studio: The Fine Arc Nordic  
Title: Cthulhu's Reach: Devil Reef 
Genre: roguelike  
Release Date: Out now on early access 
Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2412200/Cthulhus_Reach_Devil_Reef/ 

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