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Well-attended Game Studio Lunch hosted by Arctic Game

For the second time, a Game Studio Lunch was organized for game developers in Skellefteå. A relaxed and welcoming concept where game studios meet, have lunch, and discuss challenges and successes in the industry.

Well-attended Game Studio Lunch hosted by Arctic Game

Tim Leinert, Business Development Manager at Arctic Game, spoke about upcoming events taking place within the gaming cluster. Among others, Arctic Game Dev Umeå and Intersective Games lecture with Kairos Future. 

"We have a lot of great things going on in Skellefteå and the lunch invites all companies working with gaming to network, share knowledge, and find opportunities for support and collaboration", Tim Leinert said. 

Kristofer Stenskog, Creative Director at Windswept Interactive, presented their new VR game Ghost Signal and their learnings. Attendees at the lunch also had the opportunity to playtest Ghost Signal on site. 

Game Studio Lunch aims to facilitate networking, knowledge sharing, and finding opportunities for support and collaboration. Normally, we aim to limit attendance to 1–2 representatives from each studio/organization. However, if you'd like to bring more people along, just let us know! 

Interested in joining in Skellefteå? Contact:

Arctic Game Dev Umeå – a resounding success!

30 November 2023

This event would not have been possible without the unwavering support and dedication of our incredible partners, speakers, sponsors, pitching studios, volunteers and financiers.

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