Intersective Game

Regional project for cross-sector collaboration powered by cutting edge technology

With a focus on cutting-edge technology, cross-industry collaboration, and innovation at intersections, the Intersective Game project aims to enhance the exchange between the gaming industry, various sectors, and other organizations in Norr- and Västerbotten.

Regional project for cross-sector collaboration powered by cutting edge technology

The core objective of the Intersective Game project is to establish a cutting-edge testbed cluster in gaming methodology and technology. By means of these testbeds, the project strives to create an array of collaboration opportunities for diverse stakeholders, encompassing small and medium-sized enterprises, research institutions, the public sector, and other entities keen on harnessing advanced technology.

- As we increase our utilization of cutting-edge technology, we're not only expediting solutions for intricate challenges but also fortifying our innovation capacity and elevating our competitiveness. However, to achieve success, we must elevate awareness about the potential and applications of this technology, says Pernilla Lindmark, Project Leader of Intersective Game at Skellefteå Science City.

The project centers its efforts on cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Extended Reality (XR) and so on. These technologies find application in diverse areas, such as visualizing architectural and design concepts, providing support for rehabilitation and therapy, simulating high-risk scenarios for training purposes, and enriching cinematic and gaming experiences.

About the Project

Intersective Game is a 3-year project funded by ERUF ÖN and led by Skellefteå Science City as project owner. The project receives co-financing from Region Västerbotten, Region Norrbotten, Skellefteå municipality, Umeå municipality, Luleå municipality, and Boden Business Park.

The project's objective is to establish a gaming technology testbed cluster with adaptable and collaborative innovation environments. By promoting innovation at the crossroads and fostering greater sector-to-sector exchange, the project aims to boost the tech- and service development in both the gaming industry and other sectors.


A retrospective on Europe’s leading games conference

11 June 2024

This year's edition of the Nordic Game conference in Malmö was the twentieth in order. Arctic Game participated at the conference with an exhibitor booth, and new for this year, a handful of specially selected game studios from the cluster were also invited to join the event.

A breakfast focused on future technology

10 June 2024

In the Intersective Game project, an Arctic Game Breakfast was organized with the theme of motion capture. Participants from both industry and academia had the opportunity to listen to inspiring projects created using this technology and take a tour of one of the labs at Campus in Skellefteå, where motion capture is set up for use.

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