Cold Sector works on their upcoming release - An Island Away

In Jörn, the lamp of diligence shines brightly as the game studio Cold Sector works on their upcoming game release - 'An Island Away.' A game in the Relaxing Adventure Game category, a genre that may seem fitting in an increasingly stressed society. But let's start from the beginning, back when the studio was established in Jörn. 

Cold Sector works on their upcoming release - An Island Away

– After moving up to Jörn, we were enamoured by the small village community and humbled by the impact we could bring to it. We soon started thinking about how we could gamify our shared experiences of packing up our lives and learning to fit in again! But, of course, living in a snowy environment most of the year-round made us eager to take our fantasies to somewhere a little more tropical! Thus, An Island Away was born, says Harry Heath Design Lead at Cold Sector. 

You play as a city raccoon who’s accepted their friend’s invitation to join them way out over on Dewdrop Island for the summer! Things are a lot more laid back in Dewdrop, and they realise a vacation just won’t cut it; they have to find a way to stay here for good! 
As a Newcomer to Dewdrop Island, you're eager to seek down the Island Elder to ask for a Residency Permit to stay in this tropical paradise. But what's the big rush, when there are so many fun locals to meet along the way and fishies to catch? 

You can go at your own place as you explore Dewdrop. Maybe spend some time climbing, gliding, and backflippin’ your way up a relaxing, island paradise, or get totally side-tracked by the zany requests of locals, and a range of wholesome activities! It's fun to go off the beaten track, and who knows where it'll land you? 

A release date is not set yet, but hold on - those who are waiting for something good, keep an eye on their channels and Steam Page.

Quick facts 
Studio: Cold Sector 
Title: An Island Away🌴 
Genre: Relaxing Adventure Game 
Release Date: To Be Announced 
Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2890380/An_Island_Away/ 

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