Fabella – a powerful visual authoring tool for interactive audio and speech

Meet Rosina the Vice President of Global Sales at Wanderword. Together with her team they aim to put Fabella in the hands of audio game developers, podcast producers, audiobook publishers, conversation designers and others in need of a powerful visual authoring tool for interactive audio and speech. 

You have some great news to share – tell us more!

On the content front, we just released our sixth game, The Bard’s Tale – Warlocks of Largefearn, a new chapter in the legendary series by Xbox Game Studio’s inXile.

Then there’s The Copernicus Legacy, an interactive audiobook created in collaboration with publishing house HarperCollins. Last but not least, we have our upcoming commercial release of Fabella in mid February.

You can read more about our releases and other news at our webb.

Can you tell us something what makes Fabella outstanding?

The main thing that puts Fabella in a league of its own is the ability to create rich, immersive audio experiences with multiple independent audio channels running simultaneously. You can have atmosphere loops running alongside a music score in the background while you play dialogue and sound effects in the foreground. It’s what you’d expect from the audio part of a full blown game engine, whereas some competing products are only built to handle one channel at a time. Another key advantage with Fabella is the ability to develop and publish cross-platform content for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS and Android in one go. No one else does that today.

Eventually, playing audio games will come as naturally as listening to podcasts or music.

Rosina Eltarras

How can other game studios use the program? 

By design, Fabella is friendly to the game developer mindset, and we believe that game studios will recognize this and feel right at home more or less instantly. Before long, they’ll start seeing the possibilities of building new exciting types of games tailored for the audio domain. We think they’ll also appreciate the fact that Fabella offers API integration with external platforms like Unity. We offer real-time collaboration increasing productivity and fun.

What do you think about the future for audio games?

I think we’re only scratching the surface of the possibilities that voice recognition technology has introduced to the world of gaming. Eventually, playing audio games while driving, running or cooking will come as naturally as listening to podcasts or music.

To really understand how fun and easy it is to create with Fabella, we encourage everyone to simply try it out for themselves. The intuitive workflow together with the built-in help system will get you up and running in minutes.

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